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MigrantWatch ran from July 2007 to August 2015. During this time, participants uploaded over 30,000 sightings of migrant species in India. We have now moved to the next level of online bird recording, by maintaining complete lists of all birds seen during each trip. We are happy to now be partnering with the global birding platform eBird, as part of the Bird Count India partnership, to encourage listing and monitoring of birds across India. As part of this new direction, we encourage all MigrantWatch participants to create an account with eBird and start using it.

Data upload to MigrantWatch is now disabled, and all MigrantWatch observations have been uploaded to eBird. If you are a MigrantWatch user, please see the Why and the How of this process. If you would like your MigrantWatch sightings to be copied to your eBird account, please write to us at mw@migrantwatch.in.

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Shantilal Varu

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Blue-tailed Bee-eater from Madakkulam by Patrick David (07-Aug)
Asian Paradise-Flycatcher from Ahmedabad by Anuja Cambatta (21-Jul)
Pied Cuckoo (Jacobin Cuckoo) from Ahmedabad by Anuja Cambatta (20-Jul)
Rosy Starling from Sirsa by Sanjeev K Goyal (17-Jul)
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Pied Cuckoos are back!

Legend has it that the Pied Cuckoo (also called the Pied-crested Cuckoo) heralds the coming of the monsoon. Is this true? Help us find out by reporting sightings of this widespread migrant. See here for details. The latest summary of the Pied Cuckoo arrivals in relation to the monsoon is here, and here is an animated map of cuckoo migration. You can also use our data page to see all Pied Cuckoo sightings on a map or in a table.

Do you see the patterns?

MigrantWatch participants have reported arrival and departure data for over five years (starting in August 2007) now. Would you like to join us in sifting through the numbers, detecting patterns and general geekery? If so, search and download the data here! (You need to be logged in to download the raw data). For example, here is a map and table of all Greenish Warbler records in the database.
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