Participant Profile: Shyamkumar Puravankara

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Where do you live?
I live in Peralam, Pullur Periya panchayath, near Kanhangad town in Kasaragod district of Kerala.

When did you start watching birds?
I began watching birds from my childhood but took up birding as a serious hobby since 2006 when I was in my final year studying architecture.

Who would you consider your birding mentor?
Two people – Varun Thangamoni and Anuradha Sarang – were my mentors in birdwatching.

Please describe a memorable birding experience.
I, along with members of our Environment Club, had gone to meet Mr Kareem (also known as Parappa), who has converted a barren piece of land into a forest in Kasaragod. While birding there we saw an adult male Paradise Flycatcher (nakamohan in Malayalam). It was catching insects with swift movements, like an artist who paints an abstract art. Such a moment is the best a birder can have. That sighting of Paradise Flycatcher inspired me into becoming a regular birder.

What are your favourite migrants?
Indian Pitta (Pitta brachyura) and Asian Paradise Flycatcher (Terpsiphone paradisi) are my favourite migrant birds.

What is your favourite place to watch migrants?
Chemmattamvayal (near District Hospital, Kanhangad) is my favourite site to watch migrants.

Do you have any advice for beginning birdwatchers and naturalists?
Love Nature, which you are part of. Only then you will have a meaningful existence.

Why do you think people should care about birds and nature?
Birds can live without humans, but humans will perish without birds.

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