Participant Profile: Mohan Chandra Joshi

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mohan joshi croppedWhere do you live?
I live in Ramnagar near Corbett National Park. At present I am based at Rajaji National Park.

When did you start watching birds?
I used to watch birds since in my childhood along with a group of nature-lover kids. But, I actively started birding in 2007 when I joined as a field assistant in a bird research project.

Who would you consider your birding mentor?
I consider Dr Raman Kumar as my mentor. He helped me when I had difficulties in identifying birds.

Please describe a memorable birding experience.
I have several memorable birding experiences from Ramnagar. I am a founder member of Youth for a Living Planet, a group of students in and around Ramnagar, which conduct awareness and wildlife conservation programmes. Every year we take children out for birdwatching on 12th November (Birdwatching Day), which is always a unique and memorable experience.

What are your favourite migrants?
My favourite migrant is the Pied Cuckoo.

What is your favourite place to watch migrants?
My favourite place to watch migratory birds are the Kosi River and the Haripura Wetland, near Ramnagar (Uttarakhand).

Do you have any advice for beginning birdwatchers and naturalists?
My message to beginners is to try to spent as much time as possible with the field guide and binoculars, write down observations regularly, and interact with other birder and experts.

Why do you think people should care about birds and nature?
Birds are very important to us. They indirectly help us in many ways. For example, as seed dispersers they help to regenerate our forests. They also help keep insects under control.

Any other information that you’d like to share with MigrantWatchers?
All MigrantWatchers have basic idea about how to identify birds, and their role and importance in nature. So it becomes our responsibility to spread awareness about birds among children and local communities.

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