A Birder’s Handbook to Manipal, by Ramit Singal

This entry was posted Monday, 27 January, 2014 at 6:50 am

While attenRamit-bookcoverding college in Manipal, Ramit Singal spent all his spare time carefully documenting the birds of the area. Ramit has now combined his sightings, photos and audio recordings into a book, with accompanying CD.

You can read more about Ramit and his book A Birder’s Handbook to Manipal in these articles in The Hindu | Times of India | DNA | The Manipal Journal.

Ramit has also written a lovely blog post on MigrantWatch, titled Manipal in the Winter. You can see Ramit’s 600+ MigrantWatch sightings and photos here, and his bird recordings are on xeno-canto.

Many congratulations, Ramit!

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