MigrantWatch tracks the arrival and departure of all bird species that spend the winter in India, coming predominantly from the Palaearctic region (ie, Eurasia north of India).

Included in this list are species that are found in India only in the winter as well as species that are found in parts of India during other seasons as well, as long as they are predominantly winter migrants. For our purposes, the higher altitudes of the Himalayas are considered part of the Palaearctic, even if they are within Indian political boundaries. Species that breed here are included in the list of migrants only if they spread substantially into the plains in the winter, and not if they only move altitudinally within the Himalayan belt. Altitudinal migrants will be incorporated into MigrantWatch in the coming years.

Please look at the full list of species, and do let us know if there are species that should be on the list but are missing, or if there are species on the list that shouldn't be there.

From among the full list, we have highlighted 30 species that are common, widespread and relatively easy to identify. If you are new to identifying birds you may find it helpful to concentrate on this highlighted list (for which we have put together identification tips) for MigrantWatch.

If you are unsure about the identity of a bird you have seen, please don't enter the record into the MigrantWatch database. There are various resources available for identification, and we would be glad to help you identify what you have seen.
Design: Pavithra Sankaran. MigrantWatch is a project of the Citizen Science Programme of NCBS in association with Indian Birds Journal