Here is a list of publications from the Citizen Science Programme at NCBS.
  • Quader S, Mendiratta U. 2010. Nature in a changing climate. Teacher Plus May-June: 68-70.
  • Mendiratta U, Quader S. 2009. MigrantWatch: changes and results from the second year. Indian Birds 4 (4): 122-126 (2008).[Download PDF, 400 Kb]
  • Quader S, Raza RH. 2008. MigrantWatch: A citizen science programme for the study of bird migration. Indian Birds 3(6): 202-209 (2007).[Download PDF, 2.1Mb]
Design: Pavithra Sankaran. MigrantWatch is a project of the Citizen Science Programme of NCBS in association with Indian Birds Journal