Note: Data submission has moved to eBird. Please see the announcement on the home page.

Once you have created your personal online account with MigrantWatch, you can login and submit your observations using a simple data entry form. The form asks for basic information on the location of observations, the frequency with which you watch birds at that location, and the date on which you first saw the species in the season (first sighting of the season) or the date beyond which you did not see the species in the area (last sighting of the season). Additional, optional information includes a count of how many individuals you saw, and other notes on your observations.

You can send information on multiple species and from more than one site, but the most valuable information comes from sites that you visit regularly (for example, daily or weekly). Although MigrantWatch tracks most migrants to India, please submit information only for species that you are reasonably familiar with, and are confident of identifying.

If you do not have internet access, or would like to give a data entry form to someone who doesn't, please use these printable PDF forms: First or General Sightings | Last Sightings.
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