Detailed Terms of Use coming soon. For the time being, please note:

  1. You are contributing to a public database. Your observations and photographs are viewable by anyone.
  2. The entire MigrantWatch database is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. Users are free to copy, analyse and publish the data as long as they give due credit to MigrantWatch. When using the data, please remember that quality and completeness of the data cannot be guaranteed, and users employ these data at their own risk.
  3. Every effort has been made to ensure that geographical coordinates of sighting locations are accurate, but be aware that errors may remain. If you do find any errors, please email
  4. When evaluating first sighting information, please bear in mind that first sighting dates are most likely to reflect true first arrival dates for those records where A) observations started early in the season and B) observation frequency is high. Both start of observation and observation frequency have occasionally been left unspecified by contributors. Note also that several records, particularly late in the season, may actually represent general sightings, rather than first sightings. Also, please be aware that the actual timing and progression of migration may not be accurately represented due to the different start dates by different observers, and also to the uneven number of participants across the country.
Design: Pavithra Sankaran. MigrantWatch is a project of the Citizen Science Programme of NCBS in association with Indian Birds Journal