Zafar Futehally no more

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Zafar Futehally

Photo by L. Shyamal

We pay tribute to Zafar Futehally, one of India’s pioneering ornithologists and conservationists, who passed away on 11 August 2013. We are very grateful to him for his support and encouragement when we started MigrantWatch back in July 2007.

Here are some recent articles on this remarkable person:

Remembering Baba – by Zai Whitaker in the Indian Express

Veteran naturalist Zafar Futehally passes away – by Ashish and Shanthi Chandola on the BNHS website.

A guiding light.. – by Deepa Mohan on Citizen Matters.

And here is an old interview of Zafar saab on kolkatabirds.

2 Comments to Zafar Futehally no more

  1. Fionna says:

    September 10th, 2013 at 3:54 pm

    I am very sad to read this. He was such a wonderful, unselfish person. Mr. Zafar Futehally encouraged me in many ways during my time in Bangalore. I wish his wife and family all the best.

  2. Anil D Kunte says:

    September 11th, 2013 at 8:23 am

    Sorry to learn that he is no more.
    He used to write in TOI in 1970s, After reading it I wrote to him, when I was in college. He started sending me birding news letter magazine free. This created birding awareness in me then I joined BNHS.

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